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Taizhou Sentprint Technology Co., Ltd

Formerly the only Chinese agent of a German Brand of Infrared Lamp, Senttech has developed its own lamp factory by purchasing an Italian lamp house. We manufacture all kinds of infrared emitters and complete drying systems from short wave to medium wave emitters for intelligent heating processes in industrial production. Our IR heating lamps are perfect replacement for Heidelberg Drystar infrared lamps and Eltosch infrared emitters while our infrared heating modules and tunnel drying ovens are widely used in both printing and coating industries like glass decoration, metal coating, electronics, automotive, paper and textile industries.


What We Do...

Our staff of sales and technical support is available to help you in selecting the right infrared emitter, module or oven for your heating and drying application as well as to provide you with professional testing data if needed. At Senttech, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive pricing, speedy delivery and a comprehensive, cutting edge-product offering. Our ultimate goal is helping you grow and develop for a lifetime.


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Senttech Infrared Technology website provides some brief introduction to our infrared heating applications. You are welcome to email us some of the producing picture, your heating problem or the original heating way you are using to let us offer professional suggestions. Call us directly at 0086-186-5116-3120 or email to