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Multi-functional Coating System

General introduction
Senttech multi-functional coating system can be used in many applications such as on release paper, Kraft paper, non-woven fabric, metal foil, PVDC, PVA, PE, PET material, BOPP, masking paper, foam, copperplate paper, label paper, plastic film, natural textiles, synthetic fabrics, shoes and other substrates. Depending on the product requirements, using an optimized design, this coating machine has great utility and flexibility.

Distinguished features
I. The speed and amount of glue is controlled by AC control system, which can be tracked synchronically while manually control is also available.
II. Temperature control system adopts advanced PID control, temperature tolerance within 1℃.
III. Cooling device expands the application range of substrates.
IV. High-precision hard alloy head adopted in the machine guarantees the great coating quality
V. Melting adhesive boxes coated with an anti-sticky coating can effectively prevent carbonization.
VI. Precise metering gear pump makes adhesive glue come out more evenly.


Multi-functional Coating System


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