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Glass Processing Conveyor Oven

Senttech glass processing conveyor oven can be used for high volume touch screen, LCD glass and automotive glass manufacturing. Our system incorporates infrared heating technology with a continuous belt for fast heat up and processing of the product. We know all glass manufacturing processes are unique and we want to offer help. We are committed to working with our customers to learn the details of their glass processing progress no matter it is concerned to automotive glass, architectural glass or any other glass manufacturing progress to design and engineer a custom piece of infrared tunnel dryer that will meet each customer’s specific processing needs.

Our infrared systems consist of a load station, several infrared heating zones and cooling sections and an unload station. Senttech infrared conveyor ovens offer several ways of conveying for your choice like Teflon belt for slice glass, stainless steel belt for large volume glass and ceramic roller for high temperature glass processing progress. PLC and touch panel are utilized perfectly together to achieve precise temperature control and conveying speed adjustment.

Our dryers are compact, energy efficient with little maintenance over years of service life. Here is the tunnel dryer for heating ceramic ink on glass for one of our Canadian customer.

Glass Processing Conveyor Oven Overview

Glass Processing Conveyor Oven Front View


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