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SENTTECH Fast medium wave infrared lamp

 Diameter: Twin tube lamp --- 23*11mm, 33*16mm
 Quartz Tube: 99.99% high purity quartz glass
 Filament: Tungsten filament and filled with protective gas
● Filament Temperature: 1400 - 1800℃
● Ceramic base: Heat-resistant and non-deformable
● Wavelength: 1.7 – 2.3μm
 Maximum Power: 65w/cm
● Voltage: 110V/ 230V/ 380V/ 400V/ 550V available
 Maximum overall length: 6,000mm for twin-tube lamp
                                              1,300mm for single-tube lamp

● Average lifespan: 5,000 hours guaranteed
 Response time: 1-2 seconds
 Wire Connection: one-side and two-side connection available
 Reflector: Golden coating & ceramic coating to increase reflectivity

Senttech manufactures a complete range of fast medium wave emitters from 70mm to 
6000mm in length up to 30,300 watts. Please contact us for more info. for your own 
infrared heating lamp.


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