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Paint/Powder Finishing Conveyor Oven

Senttech paint finishing conveyor oven is well-known for its fast heating speed, stable operating ability and perfect product quality. Pretreatment and primer coatings can be easily dried with Senttech electric infrared ovens. Required peak metal temperatures are reached on both sides of the metal strip quickly.

Compared with convection curing systems which utilize about 50% of the oven length to raise the part to temperature leaving little time to complete a cure, Senttech infrared oven brings the part to temperature in 1/5th the time of a convection system, allowing more time to cure and thus increasing productivity.
Liquid - both water and solvent based plus powder, can be safely processed. Special popping-proof devices are inserted on the top of the heating zones to prevent solvent popping.

General advantages
I. Short wave or fast medium wave quartz heaters can be adopted
II. Fast, clean and easy to retrofit into existing producing lines
III. Precise process and temperature control for quality products and stable production
IV. Works well with flat metal, continuous coils, shaped products and heavy castings
V. Combined infrared and convection industrial conveyor oven system

PaintPowder Finishing Conveyor Oven Overview

PaintPowder Finishing Conveyor Oven Front View


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