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Rotary Dryer/ Rotary Drum Dryer

General introduction
Every Senttech rotary drum dryer is designed for the customer’s unique specifications. We bring innovative solutions to designs for continuous processing of delicate materials such as granular, powder, or particulate aggregates in high purity and specialty atmosphere environments at temperatures up to 600°C.
Senttech rotaries offer exceptional versatility, reliability and energy efficiency. Our designs include multiple features that enable better mixing, resulting in improved heat transfer and mass transfer. The absence of moving parts in the tube support system provides a simple, reliable, robust design that enhances scalability. Additionally, the tumbling action of the product within the dryer results in high degrees of temperature uniformity and gas-solid contact, producing a more homogenous product, reducing processing times and increasing production rates.

Distinguished features
I. Helical flights convey material without back-mixing. It is very good when comes to processes that require narrow residence time distributions.
II. Cross Flow System makes it possible to heat coarse, free-flowing materials.
III. Near infrared adopted can heat the material from within to achieve even and balanced heating effect.
IV. Advanced Sealing System, rotary reactor sealing system, provides optimal rotary dryer atmosphere integrity with minimal energy consumption


Rotary Dryer Rotary Drum Dryer Overview

Rotary Dryer Rotary Drum Dryer Drawing


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