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Web Processing Conveyor Oven

Senttech web processing conveyor oven can be used for paper, flocked goods, fabric and plastics manufacturing. Our system incorporates infrared heating technology with a continuous belt or roller for fast heat up and processing of the product. Conveyor systems are usually made by the customer since they have rolling systems in their paper making machines.

Case study
Near infrared is particularly suitable for heating sheet plastic prior to forming. For many systems, products that are less that 6mm in thickness can be successfully raised to forming temperature with heaters on one side only. On thicker material, we will recommend two-side heating.

Zone control is especially important to heat areas of the sheet that will have larger bend depths so as not to distort the flatter areas. Senttech infrared offers PLC to achieve precise temperature control.

Web Processing Conveyor Oven Overview

Web Processing Conveyor Oven Front View


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