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Gravure Printing Line

Drying problem in gravure printing industry
Since attention is paid to environmental protection, most companies of the gravure printing industry are trying to use water-based paint. But a series of problems appear: traditional solvent-based ink will be volatile after heating, but water-based paint will not. It is so difficult to be dried thus resulting in a large number of unqualified products, causing huge loss to the enterprise and largely reducing the capacity.

Senttech gravure printing line
Senttech has designed a medium wave infrared drying module for gravure printing production line. With the advantages of high efficiency and point to point uniform heating, this module solves the problem of slow drying speed for water-based ink in intaglio printing.
In gravure preheating stage, Senttech infrared medium wave heating module demonstrates its unique advantages and beats other heating methods completely for its short drying time, good drying quality and economic drying way.
Recently, our company has achieved great success in drying applications for rotary screen printing industry. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Gravure Printing Line


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