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Rotary Screen Printing Line

Senttech band-type rotary screen printing line is a multifunctional wallpaper production line. It can be combined with hopper spreading, foaming and embossing units, which reaches the latest level both at home and abroad.

Distinguished features
I. Adopts advanced design idea from abroad, making mechanical core structure reasonable and reliable
II. Cerates brand-new band-type rotary screen printing range, ensuring the better color for the pattern and the line of wallpaper, stick wallpaper on the conduction band with a special glue to make the overlay more precise.
III. Uses servo control with no shaft, providing high performance, reliable conveying speed and high-precision printing effect
IV. Installs three-way registering system, offering accurate printing content
V. Possesses advanced automatic pulping equipment, keeping production continuously operating
VI. Adopts paperless version-checking system, modulating phase precisely and ensuring high yield with a registering inaccuracy less than ±0.1mm, accumulative repeat deviation less than ± 0.3mm and the deviation between two consecutive screens less than ± 0.3mm
IV. Has flexible and various process combination, reserving high potential for development

Rotary Screen Printing Line


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